Welcome Spring! 5/18/24

Native purple verbena in the vineyard

The wildflowers have certainly enjoyed all the recent rain. We’re hoping for a long sunny growth season for the vines this year.

4/25/24… Lime Cello Update

After zesting and juicing a mountain of limes, we now have nearly 80 gallons ready to ferment. Since the yeast requires a little heat to get started, we’ve wrapped the container in an electric blanket.    Fingers crossed.  🤞😂🤞 …… Mother Nature is still in charge.

4/23/2024………. Grow Time

Mother Nature sent us too many cool wet days last year for the grapes to ripen, but our vines didn’t seem to mind at all.  They’re well into the Spring growing season, ready to try again now that they’ve been pruned and their weeds are removed. 

Marines have landed! 9/17/23

That would be the Swedish marines. They’re here temporarily to work with our people on Camp Pendleton and stopped by for a little wine to enjoy under the Toasted Oak tree. Welcome! And thanks for the pins on our customer map.

🧐 At a Glance:

Tastings offered Saturday and Sunday, noon to 6:00.

Air conditioned tasting room..
Bring a picnic to enjoy with our wine in one of two shaded outdoor areas. Friendly dogs on leashes welcome.
Bottle sales available by appointment for picnics or take out on Wednesday – Friday.
Closed Monday, Tuesday.

Enjoy your wine…in the tasting room

…on the patio

… or under the Toasted Oak Tree.

Time to cool down…….7/14/23

The coolest outdoor spot in town. Enjoy your wine in the shade of our Toasted Oak tree. Picnics welcome.
Sangiovese grapes

Party Time ……6/4/23

This great bunch of people reserved the space under the oak tree for their church group barbecue and get together.

Sangria Season. 4/21/23

After just a few days of sunshine, our Sangiovese and Cab Franc are well into their growth cycle. In honor of the warm weather, sangria is back on the menu.