Happy Memorial Day! 5/31/21

We’re open! Come enjoy the fresh air on our patio with a glass of wine, a bottle, or a tasting. Picnics welcome.

Is it Spring yet? 3/5/21

Recent rains have brought out the first of the native Verbena in our vineyard.
This group of local wine lovers brought the best picnic ever, courtesy of Smoking Bird Barbeque.

Welcome Back! 1/25/21

With the recent relaxation of COVID restrictions, We will be offering wine tastings on our patio this weekend. We’ve missed our Toasted Oak friends, and are looking forward to seeing you again soon. Please remember to wear a mask until you’re seated at a table.

New Lockdown. 12/16/20

The governor has again closed all wineries in San Diego County for everything but bottle sales. Toasted Oak will be open daily for purchases during our usual business hours, and is also offering contactless drive through service for those who call ahead to request it. We miss you already.

New Seating Space 9/9/20

Come enjoy a glass of wine beside the vineyard and under the dense shade of our Toasted Oak tree.

Harvest day 9/4/20

The picking crew started picking our Cabernet Franc before the sun came up.
Roger managed to produce near perfect grapes this year, in spite of the extreme heat.

We’re Back. 6/12/20

We are now open for wine tasting on our shady patio, which has been expanded to allow for social distancing. Our new summer hours are 1:00 to 6:00 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We are so excited to welcome you back. Don’t forget your masks. We need to keep you safe. Picnics are welcome; your food, our wine.

Drive through bottle sales will continue on other days of the week, noon to 4:00. Please call ahead to place your order.

Time to Grow 5/14/20

Wasn’t it just last month when we pruned the last of our vines? But look at them now. Wish you could be here to enjoy in person.

Our old friend the Coopers Hawk has been a regular visitor.

Drive by Service

Toasted Oak is offering our version of a drive through service for bottle purchases, available 7days a week from noon to 4:00. Just choose from the menu list of available wines and call to place your order.

Let us know when to expect you and your order will be waiting when you get here. Just stop at the front door and honk. We’ll be right out with your wine.

Getting Lonely 3/15/20

This is only our first weekend with no one coming to taste our wine, and we’re already getting lonely. It helps to remember some of the great visitors we’ve had recently. Here are a few.