New blush wine 11/8/19

Roger’s long promised Sangiovese blush should be ready for next summer. It’s light, crisp, and fruity, and has such a beautiful color.

The last of Our Harvest 10/4/19

The last of our grapes are now picked and safely tucked away inside the cool barn, at various stages of processing. Our thanks to the good people at D’Vine Path, who picked over a ton and a half of beautiful Syrah grapes.

What a great job I have. After the hard work of sorting, weighing, and crushing the grapes, we were able to meet some great visitors in the tasting room over the weekend. Life is good.

Sangiovese Harvest

Friday was harvest day for our Sangiovese grapes. Bill, Patti, and our friends from D’Vine Path were here to help. We picked and crushed about a ton of beautiful grapes.


Ever wonder what teachers do after the kids go home from school? This group of local teachers stopped by the winery to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Fun group.

Winery Tour

What a fun morning we had with students and volunteers of D’Vine Path, an organization that teaches social and workplace skills to autistic adults. We had a winery tour, time to visit, and finished with a toast at the bar. We’re hoping to offer temporary employment to a few of them at harvest time.

What’s Happening at Toasted Oak

Welcome to our brand new web page, so exciting!  Expect some changes, as I’m still learning about the format. 

Our vines have been growing like crazy because of all the rain and we’re expecting a heavy crop. Good news if Mother Nature doesn’t have any unexpected surprises.