About Us

Toasted Oak Winery is a mom and pop operation that began as a retirement  hobby.  Roger and Marcia bought the  burned out parcel that would become their vineyard in 2008, naming their future winery after the one surviving tree on the property, a “toasted” oak tree. Nine years later, after clearing, planting the vines, and building the winery, they were able to open their tasting room for business.  

Roger wears a many hats at the winery. He is an owner, vineyard manager and winemaker. Now at retirement age, he has been making wine since his college days.

Ask him about his vines or his winemaking process. He loves to answer questions about both.

Marcia identifies herself as an owner of the winery, as well as the resident cellar rat. This means that she does a lot of vineyard work, cleaning, crushing grapes, bottling, labeling, and whatever else needs doing. Did I mention tasting the wine? Someone has to do it!